My Buzz

Dogs, dogs & more dogs!

We are always surrounded by dogs therefore they are always central to everything we do.

Every design & product decision from our safety collars to gift & garden wares is influenced by dogs & their owners.

Always striving to provide safe & quality products that dogs & their owners will love brings us immense personal & professional satisfaction.

Get Dog Smart is a labour of love as well as our livelihood.

The advocacy aspect of our business gives us tremendous pleasure as we connect with dog owners improving the quality of life for both dog & owner.

My Bio

Third generation shopkeeper I don't ever remember a time in my life when there wasn't a dog around. Our business changed direction when our sweet rescue girl Bella came into our lives. She suffered from separation anxiety so we bought a pet shop which enabled her to come to work with us. In 2018 my friends dog died from collar strangulation, a freak accident, or so I thought until she sent me stats gathered in one year which indicated that dogs were involved in collar accidents in their thousands each year. Troubled by this & unable to source safety collars in the UK I designed & made my own & put it on our shelves. Collar education became part of the animal welfare advocacy work I have always done. Keen to merge the two & support other small businesses but keen to protect my seo I created a second channel Dog Desk News. Our rescue pup Medina heads the channel up with daily dog news, chit chat & small business shout outs. My advocacy work has proven helpful in my business life as it has allowed me to develop positive relationships with influential individuals as well as organisations which has sometimes given my business a boost.

My Business Tips

Always listen to your customers feedback it will help your products & services evolve & give your business longevity.
Always maintain a friendly helpful polite manner but keep a professional distance.
Never promise anything you are unable to deliver.
Don't try to micro manage. Employ people or contract out so that your business can grow without suffering burnout.
Never undervalue yourself. You are your businesses biggest asset.
Stay ahead of your competition. Be dynamic. Adapt so that you don't become a "me too" & get lost in the crowd of people offering the same goods or services.
Protect your IP. If you don't, be prepared to share your innovative skill with others who will copy your success.

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