My Buzz

“It started with one little candle-the whole process of candle making, prepping the candle glasses, wicks in place, melting the wax it is quite mindful and therapeutic”

I make soy wax candles with Yorkshire themed names and essential oils candles to support wellbeing.

Each candle sold a donation is made to two charities Mums In Need & Terence Higgins Trust.

My Bio

Wellbeing is a passion of mine, holistic therapy has and continues to help my own wellbeing. Having a lived experience of trauma due to domestic abuse this impacted greatly on my overall health. Managing my anxiety I find aromas particular grounding especially when I light a candle, the gentle scent flowing through the air and seeing the flame of the lit wick glow through the candle glass. Invites calmness and space to be.

I love using essential oils, the benefits of essential oils on our wellbeing, gently supporting whether it is courage, sparking the joy within or aiding a restful sleep. Candles are the gift that keeps on giving - shining a light we all need to see.

My Business Tips

Never be afraid of failing. Failing is valuable as you learn so much from this, what works and what doesn't.

Doubt is the biggest killer of ideas- sometimes there will never be the right time. The only way you will know is to try- in the words of Nike "Just Do It"

Feedback is a gift- the positive and the negative, it gives valuable insight.

Planning and preparation are key- looking ahead of where you want to be in the next month or the next. I find journaling beneficial- it is a great way to track where you are in your business and also within your own self.

Make space for yourself, this helps with your own well being and your creativity.

Enjoy what you do.

Never give up- keep going- you got this !

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