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We know you're as committed to a greener planet as we are, so we’ve carefully selected plant based and naturally derived, eco conscious products, which help you to live a clean, healthy and happy life.

As a 'Plastic-Free Business Champion' we keep plastics and packaging to a minimum. We re-use all our packaging from external suppliers so don’t be surprised to find plastic, old cardboard and used jiffy bags as packaging for your orders!

My Bio

Hi, I’m Jo, the owner and founder of Ginger Mint. I live in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, UK with my partner, our teenage son and a fun-loving whippet.

I’ve been a lover of plants and nature since early childhood, and went on to study plant biology at university, and then as a researcher. Environmental issues are at the heart of my family life and we’re always trying to do more to lessen the negative impact we have on our environment. I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for over 40 years with a passion for cooking organic food and healthy eating. It’s also the family joke that I’ll have a herbal balm, a tea or a sprinkling of fresh herbs for whatever ailment they may have!

A few years ago, our young son became chronically ill with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or CFS/ME and Lyme disease. After researching the causes, I discovered just how toxic our world is and how daily exposure to harmful chemicals and plastics damages our health, leading to allergies, skin irritation, gut problems, cancers, and a weakening of our immune system. They also pollute the environment!

It is because of this experience and my love of plants that I created Ginger Mint in March 2020. I want to share my knowledge about environmental issues and chemical toxicity, and how to maintain a healthy mind and body free from plastics, pesticides and harmful chemicals.

My Business Tips

Be authentic in your business and remain true to yourself. If you create a false persona, your customers will find you out!

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