My Buzz

"OMG I'm addicted to your candles - they smell amazing"
My experience in retail over a number of years has been incredibly rewarding, I have had the opportunity to work with and for large corporate businesses and small independents - and I never stop learning! Now I have created my own business, my proudest achievement yet. The recognition and support from Theo, SBS and the many small businesses involved means so much to me, it's like having a team watching your back for you. It's early days and patience is not my virtue, it takes time to create a successful business and and I need all the support I can lay may hands on.
Super thrilled to be part of the SBS crew.

My Bio

Discover the finest collection of scented candles in one beautiful online home. Created out of frustration and disappointment from so many high street candles that do not deliver on scent or performance - our candles are handpicked from Artisan candlemakers from the UK and overseas for their superior performance and gorgeous looks! Delivered straight to your home or someone you love with a personal touch.

My Business Tips

Never let anyone tell you you can't do something.
Keep your customer messages simple, and surprise and delight your customers at every opportunity.
Enjoy networking with other businesses and first and foremost consider what you can do for them rather than trying to personally gain from the connection.

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