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#sbs win in October 2019
Jacqueline Gold #wow winner October 2019
Style Feature in Cumbria Life Magazine November 2019
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My work has sold worldwide and has been exhibited in London, The Mall Galleries and Manchester Museum .

My work is currently stocked in a number of outlets in The Lake District. I would love to expand this in 2020.

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Go Your Own Way Apparel
From the Lakes to the city and back again, how a country girl from the Lake District designed her own picture-perfect business

Based in the coastal Cumbrian town of Workington, Rachel Gaw, 37, is an artist and founder of the Lake District inspired accessories and apparel brand, Go Your Own Way.

They say ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ and that’s very much the case for Rachel, who graduated as a 3D Designer from Staffordshire University specialising in contemporary jewellery design and manufacture, before completing her PGCE in Carlisle and working as a teacher since 2009.

Growing up she loved being outdoors - swimming, climbing and building camps in the Cumbrian countryside - but it wasn’t until she moved home in 2005 that she found the inspiration for her brand.
After meeting her partner, Peter, who as a keen cyclist, climber and kite surfer, opened her eyes to the beauty and opportunity that was on her very doorstep, ‘Go Your Own Way’ was founded with a love of design, sustainability and a passion for The Lake District.

Rachel’s Dad, Jim, has been a great inspiration on her career and as a wood and metalworker himself, was keen for her to have her own space to design and create her wares. So he bought her a workshop - a shed in his garden next to his very own - where she creates art, apparel and accessories inspired by the great outdoors. And Jim acts as her apprentice.

Rachel’s products range from artwork to personalised accessories and she also offers a bespoke service where customers can design their own T-shirts based on their own love of the Great Outdoors.
Rachel completed a work placement with Tatty Devine and would love to replicate some of the quirky brand’s success. With craft activities, shopping locally and buying sustainable, British goods high on the public agenda, Rachel hopes to grow her business, and is currently working on collaborations with other small business owners.

Mos recently, Rachel has won a #WOW (woman of the week) award, from well-known businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold, who expressed her joy at Go Your Own Way’s quirky products and sustainable ethos.

Rachel’s ultimate aim is to combine her teaching career with her passion for art and create workshops and art therapy sessions for children with special educational needs to help them realise their inner creativity.

My Business Tips

Networking is key. I’m not the best at ‘owning the room’ , however I have learned to watch, listen then react.

I love collaborating with other businesses.

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