My Buzz

Golddust Marketing is a marketing consultancy in Lichfield and we love what we do and we love where we are based. It’s who we are and the fire in our belly. We have been developing and honing our marketing talent and creative flair with teachings from CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) and CIPR (The Chartered Institute of Public Relations). Have the peace of mind that we know our stuff… we even have certificates to prove it!

Our goal is to create work that is authentic, offering cost effective solutions that are strategic, creative and inspirational. We believe all marketing processes and collaborations we undertake should be as exciting as the end result. It’s all about ROI.

We have most of the marketing skills perfected in-house. BUT if there’s anything missing, we bring in experienced, tried and tested support – such as specialist photographers, designers and website developers. Everyone we collaborate with must be at the top of their game… Our Managing Director has a good nose for sniffing out golddust talent. It must be from her stint as a marketing, design and PR recruitment consultant many moons ago.

My Bio

Hannah is the Managing Director of Golddust Marketing. She’s a CIM Qualified, CIPR trained, Award Winning Marketing, PR, Event & Creative Consultant.

She’s worked globally in the marketing/advertising industry for a dozen years, spanning continents, operating in-house and agency and has tackled many different challenges, ranging from the improbable to the truly gobsmacking.

Her work has been recognised in countless national publications, such as the Times and the Guardian, she has presented product launches to international audiences, she has judged and presented at The National Great British Care Awards, won Shell Oil’s Most Enterprising Student Award, became a Google Adword Professional, presented at The Design Council and won a marketing initiative competition with Next. She is, nonetheless, a modest soul and not one for showing off but really passionate about golddust.

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My Business Tips

So, how can you create a buzz in your own micro-universe that will get your target audience talking?

1. Do something different. What are your competitors doing? Don’t be sheep – stand out from the flock and dare to be different.

2. Online – take a look at what’s trending and jump the hell on it! If you get it right, guerrilla marketing can help you to reach an entirely new audience.

3. Be authentic. It’s a well-known fact that people buy from people.

4. Sending direct mail? Handwrite the envelopes. Tap into someone’s emotional subconscious and make them excited about opening your envelope/package.

5. Excel at customer service. Your happy clients will tell their connections what a joy it is to work with you – and before you know it, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to see what’s right in front of you so if you’ve lost your way with your marketing or tend to take a more ad-hoc approach with little ROI, let’s get together for a Brain Pick – it could be the best £99 you’ll ever invest in your business!

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