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So far so amazing! Lost count of the number of new followers, retweeters, messages of congratulations. Looking forward to learning more, making acquaintances and spreading the word for Good Intents.

My Bio

We are Good Intents. That's me, Bruce Schofield and my wife Lucy, and a fabulous band of marquee professionals. We have been owned by Good Intents for 10 years, in which time we have grown fairly organically to treble what we were. We could have grown more quickly, but our whole future in a very competitive market depends on being better in every way than our competitors. We have seen, all too often, companies in our sector losing control of their quality standards.

Our core market is Weddings and private parties, however we have a very loyal client base of schools, universities, event planners and companies, who are attracted to our can-do attitude, rigorous eye for detail and quality, and exceptional design capability. Thinking outside the box, to quote a cliche, allows us to create some absolutely individual event venues without breaking the bank, and keeps us ahead of the 'commodity' marquee market.

My Business Tips

I'm more a learner than a teacher, but I'll have a stab at some tips!
1. Don't do it if you don't enjoy it.
2. Charge enough to do a good job, if you have to do something cheaply, make sure you still do it well. Your clients' guests will judge you, not the budget.
3. Manage your overheads. In our (seasonal) business, cash flow is the killer.
4. Let your staff 'own' a project. When a 'thank you' letter comes in, it is rewarding when your site crew are named.

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