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Tired of the corporate life and frustrated by the lack of originality in the spice market, Mark set out to create something fresh and exciting. In the summer of 2011, he launched a range of rubs, salts & infused oils at a local Food Festival and sold out on day one - Gourmet Spice Co was born!

Since then, the TASTE brand has been synonymous with innovative flavour combinations and purity of flavour. It has twice been nominated as one of the East Midlands' Most Innovative Food Producers as well as finalists in the Nectar Small Business Awards, Carlsberg Food Awards and the Great British Food Awards. Demand for our products from retailers in Australia, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Malta means export is a growing revenue stream.

We moved into a purpose-built production unit in 2014 to cope with bigger volumes and are working with some great chefs & launching some fantastic new products!

And we're having fun! Long may it continue...

My Bio

A passionate foodie, Mark has always had a keen interest in spice, looking for unusual & interesting flavour combinations. Establishing Gourmet Spice Co in 2011, it quickly became known for its innovative approach to infusing layers of flavour into food, securing a place as a finalist as iNET's Most innovative Food & Drink Company 2011 and again in 2012.

His experimental, almost playful approach to food drives an unhealthy obsession to try new flavour delivery techniques designed to really give food attitude! This approach has created classic combos like Rosemary & Garlic oil and Chilli & Lemon oil, but also led to Chocolate & Vanilla balsamic vinegar & Spiced Seaweed Salt.

Today, we have around 70 innovative blends & flavour combos together with a wide selection of pure spice available as retail or wholesale packs.

My Business Tips

Be persistent! We've spent months getting into some delis and retailers but have persistently called and emailed over the months, even calling in with samples.

Until you get a "no", it's not a no!

It took a year to get our full range listed with one large retailer but was worth it. Don't give up!

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