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Most of us know what a green first aid box looks like, but would you know how to use it in a medical emergency?

Green Box offers First Aid training that gives you the skills & knowledge to help people who may not survive without your intervention. By giving you the confidence to tackle everything from day to day cuts, bumps and bruises to life threatening situations we will enable you to give family, friends, colleagues & those in need the best chance of recovery.

We are based in Berkshire and Leicester, but also operate in Bucks, Herts, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey and across the UK and can easily come to you.

We have training rooms in Windsor, Bracknell, Denham, Slough and Maidenhead.

Early in lockdown we recognised that school children's first aid training would be put on the back burner. We went in all gun's blazing and set up free LIVE first aid training on our YouTube Channel and it was an instant success.

It's been developed into our virtual first aid training for schools. A fantastic way to safely train school children of all ages these life saving skills.

We have sessions Key Stage 1 - 5, we can train all ages of children

Our training meets your requirements to provide First Aid Training as part of the national curriculum

It is safer than getting external trainers to come into your school & more interactive than online training

You won't need any special equipment. We use things you will find in your school

The training is totally live - we can interact with the children

We find that 30-45 minute sessions work best, we can have a break and then continue

We do one off sessions or we have 5 session courses for the pupils

We support the virtual learning with worksheets and each child receives an attendance certificate

My Bio

We have been working in first aid for 28 years now and over that time we have seen lots of changes to how we approach first aid and helping others in need. Some really important changes that encourage people to put their training into practice without worry about litigation or being blamed.

I love teaching and seeing people that are nervous when they join us, grow in to confident, able and proficient in life saving really gives me a buzz. I like having fun, it is a serious subject but I still think we can make it enjoyable.

I have performed first aid in many different situations and environments from working as a ski instructors, a dive instructors and a holding first aid manager position across Europe. Once settled I was part of the Windsor Community First Responders Team, supporting the ambulance service as a volunteer.

My experience is extensive and from a broad base so I hope I provide courses that not only give you information about first aid but also practical examples and hints and tips that I have gathered over the years.

I genuinely believe that everyone should have emergency first aid skills and also believe that everyone is fully capable of providing it. Join us on a Green Box First Aid Course and see what all the fuss is about!

My Business Tips

Find something that you are passionate about. When the going get's tough it's easier to plough through it when you love it.

Play to your strengths and to other peoples. If there is something that someone is way better at than you, get them to teach you how to do it or pay them to do it.

Take advice but trust your gut, it's helped me make the best decisions but good advice is invaluable.

Show others your passion - they buy into people not businesses

Have fun, when people see you enjoying what you do they will want to be part of it.

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