My Buzz

I won the day the UK went into hard lockdown and I was sick with Covid19.

We are all getting older - there were 12.4million people over 65 last year alone.

I'm passionate about helping businesses understand and target consumers over 50 - there is so much opportunity and the great news is time is on our side as the numbers of people is only going up...

My Bio

Marketing for over 30 years - saw a gap in the market (marketing to those over 50 years old) as a growing demographic with needs that are unmet and money to spend whatever the economic circumstances.

My background in strategy and planning is now used to help businesses target this opportunity area.

I also help businesses where they might want to have some marketing experience on an ad hoc/part Tim,e basis to help shape their plans and activity.

My Business Tips

Find a niche and keep going. You can rinse and repeat your idea as you go but persistence is key!

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