My Buzz

We literally cannot explain the level of attention and activity we've had following our win of #SBS. The moment it happened both Josh’s phone and mine lit up and then crashed as the notifications and the emails came flooding in! Following our win we've been able to connect with so many fantastic people and businesses across the UK. We're just enjoying the ride and can't wait to build upon this increased exposure.

My Bio

Founded by two friends, Hamilton's was created to help bring back the old fashioned 'Gentleman's' look but with a modern twist for the modern man.

By using the highest quality ingredients in all of our products, we will help you grow, nourish and style your look, whether it be stubble, tash or a fully fledged beard.

Our aim is to become the 'go to' brand for all men’s grooming needs, that's why we're already working on our future product ranges with a view to launching them in the coming year.

My Business Tips

Building an open and connected business and brand is key! We find our customers like to be part of a community and to feel involved in their favourite brands and with us. Connecting and interacting with them on a personal level seems to work wonders for us and gives us just the level of feedback and motivation we need to grow to the next level.

If you're also considering stepping into the world of running your own business, then find a way to do it! Just think where you will be in 12 months time if you start today!

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