My Buzz

I would say my Biggest Buzz is Winning The Handsome Theo Paphitis #sbs award I never in a million years thought I would get picked although I persevered every week for over a year just shows you Determination,my Commitment and the I will Attitude does pay off.

The other Big Buzz I get is the satisfaction I get every time I make a Flower and the endless ideas that run through my head every single minute of the day i sometimes get Brain Freeze and have to stop for a cuppa to gather myself there's certainly not enough hours in a day I could do with a 48 hour day at times.

My Bio

I first got into flower making when I was a lot younger than I am today....... by helping my mother do the most boring part of preparation simply by stripping the wire from its plastic coating there was nothing more boring as a 15 year old frustrated teenager and I soon got fed up and decided to get a CB radio instead now that was a lot of fun.
On a serious note I'm really self taught in Flower Making , my mother was no longer in a physical position to show me( arthritis ) has a lot to answer for...... ( maybe it was payback time perhaps!!!!!!!
My first samples were keeping the open fire going as many ended up in there and I had many tantrums and gave up numerous times but I don't like anything getting the better of me so I persevered plus friends and family were getting flowers nearly everyday ( I'm sure they used the same disposal method as I did as all the chimneys were constantly smoking (SMOG) yes I'm responsible for a small contribution towards the thinning of the ozone layer I suppose.

Let's skip about 3 years to where I am now I can honestly say I'm addicted and am always trying desperately to get all these ideas in my head to be a physical item,easier said than done.......... why hasn't anybody invented photographic memory yet!!!! I could really do with it as I'm sure many would, I have scraps of paper all over the place.
I have no Designer Training all my ideas just come to employment for the last 30 years has been in the Nursing Profession mainly with the elderly I love their stories.
All my work is mainly limited to a one off as each flower I make is made to the customers requirements so not usually repeated I have a great eye for detail and can and will make what you want within reason of course if you require anything specific then maybe I can help.

I am my worst critic and if things don't look or feel 110% I start again I want my Flowers to be Recognisable and I'd be mortified if I was asked what is that!!!!
It's not easy being in Business far from it but I've never once thought about giving it up and I'm determined and confident enough to continue with something I thoroughly enjoy doing My biggest reward ever is when I was chosen as one of Theo's lucky 6 on #sbs I can't begin to tell you about my reaction when I found out...... I had my first tot of brandy which made me shudder all the way from the kitchen to the living room in 3 jumps lol I cried I laughed and I shook I think it took a couple of weeks for it to finally sink in.
Anyway I think I'll stop for now as once I get going I don't stop.

Congratulations to each and everyone of you #SBS Winners and hopefully see you soon X

My Business Tips

I would have to say Social Media plays a big part in Business it has in mine i,ve found contacting other businesses that could use my services and potentially bring me new business a huge boost at least they would know who I am even if they don't need anything at that time.
I,m not an expert in Business or Marketing but I put aside a certain amount of time a day to Network with others And to check if there's any competition
I'm still learning and taking everything in and enjoying every single second of it.

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