My Bio

Hey! I’m Sophie and I founded Happi Inc.

Here you will find a range of high quality, Organic, Vegan & eco friendly clothing made in the UK.

Each item has been lovingly designed in-house (by me!) from start to finish and made with Happi-ness. Happi Inc. was started with the aim to change the way people buy their clothes and to think about where they come from.

All Happi Inc. clothes are printed & embroidered to order in the U.K so less waste which means more sustainable. Our packaging contains no plastic and is recyclable.

The clothes are high quality which is reflected in the price (but only a few pennies more than the high street) so we hope you are Happi to pay that little bit extra. Plus you're saving the world, who can put a price on that?!

Not only are our products super high quality, you can send them back to us! Once you’re finished with the item pop it back in the post (free of charge!) and we will send you a £5 voucher to say thanks for not sending it to landfill. We will then remake something out of your returned item - circular fashion!

Come and join me on this Happi revolution to change the world we live in.

It starts with just you and I.