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We are extremely passionate about what we do and look to achieve, here are a few reasons why we have 'hit the ground running' (pun fully intended) already;

L3 Diploma Qualified PT's
REPS Accredited Members
Understanding Stress Diploma Qualified
Stress Management Diploma Qualified
The Latest Industry Training & Knowledge
Exclusive Industry Discounts (from supplements to bathrooms)

We love what we do; so Do what we love

My Bio

My Bio' - Lets start 7 months ago, when after years of dreaming, researching and studying I finally took the leap of faith. I founded health4wealth Ltd! After spending the last 10+ years in the bathroom industry selling for the UK's leading brassware manufacturer into businesses UK wide. It was time to follow my real passion (as much as I like a nice shower & sauna) which is health, fitness and being happy.

We're passionate about improving industry health & mental wellbeing. Office workers with sedentary lifestyles are often forgotten about in the workplace which we want to change.

Through educational workshops/seminars, fitness demonstrations, stress management advice and theories, individual Healthcheck MOT's, Q&A's and personalised fitness and nutritional plans we can and do improve employee health. Be it physically, emotionally or mentally - increasing productivity and therefore company profitability.

My Business Tips

Business Tips
Network, Network, Network - I have for years and its always worked. Build relationships as 'people but from people'

Health Tip
BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate
Know how many Kcals you consume? Know how many Kcals you need?
Did you know your body uses energy (i.e calorie burns) when your sleeping?
Check your BMR for guidelines of how many you need even on an inactive day

Stress Management Tip
Hydrotherapy - refers to applications of warm but primarily cold water. With brief applications of cold water temperature stimuli are conveyed via the skin, the positive reactions overtime leading to strengthened immune systems, stimulated nervous system, regulated BP & endorphin release.

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