My Buzz

Selling wild bird food, Hedge Buddies hand mixes the best of what the birds enjoy to provide all the energy and nutrients the birds need to supplement what is available in nature.

The environment is a big issue in today's climate. Hedge Buddies take this seriously and has chosen to go down the completely home compostable route for all packaging even down to the glue on the address labels.

The bags that the products are sold in is both home compostable and marine degradable but it took a lot of effort to find this type of packaging. I hope one day this is the gold standard for all packaging.

My Bio

I'm Elizabeth the person behind the Hedge Buddies brand. I work hard to make sure that everything I do is as good for the environment as I can make it.

My background is in Admin, Sales and Retail so it gave me a good grounding for starting my own small business and being able to do everything myself in the initial stages to cut down on start up costs.

The twitter community is a godsend for small businesses and I have received a lot of support from it, so in return I also support other small businesses both on there and on my own website by giving other small businesses a spot on my site to advertise them.

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