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High quality handmade and handcrafted sustainable products, made mindfully of the environment and with equal opportunities at our core.

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Established in 2019, we are a new venture in the North East of Scotland, sourcing and selling high quality and ethically sourced materials, products and manufacturers from the wide range of suppliers Scotland has to offer. We also source from further afield if we find suppliers who fit in with our ethos and values.
We are passionate about supporting other small businesses, are environmentally aware, support and promote ethical and equal opportunities as well as support Social Enterprise. In essence, we are a small business venture with a Wolf Pack Mentality and support others as we go, where we can and when we can.
Our small business suppliers have a quick turnaround time from order to dispatch. This can be within 1-2 weeks for many of the products and these times are indicated on the individual items as an estimated and target timescale.
The Social Enterprise we support is a business in the North East of Scotland which provides employment and training opportunities for adults with a wide range of learning disabilities and additional support needs. These difficulties impair the ability of these adults to secure mainstream employment and this service offers them an invaluable opportunity to work and learn in a safe and supported environment, teaching them a range of skills. As such, the turnaround time for some of these products, particularly the larger items, can take up to 4 weeks from order to dispatch, and this is also indicated on the individual items as an estimated and target timescale.
Did you know that wooden Ale Casks have a life span of just 3 uses? After this, they are no longer fit for purpose and need to be disposed of… This is where we come in!
Almost all of our wood products are made from reclaimed materials, be it whisky or ale casks, pallets or other items up-cycled and recreated into something new and beautiful. This process minimises waste, is mindful of the environment and gives something old, a new lease of life for your pleasure and use. As such, please bear in mind that our products may vary from the pictures slightly, as is the nature of wood. There may also be slight imperfections with the raw materials, and these will only add to and enhance their rustic charm.

We have also linked in with some of the amazing local artists and crafty creators in the North East of Scotland, bringing you a wide range of handmade and bespoke products. These vary in style, material, shape, size and form. Our suppliers are very talented and creative individuals and small businesses and we are proud to offer their products and showcase just some of what there is available locally and nationally.

In addition to this, we are launching our very own range of Highland Wolf products, which are all ethically sourced from right here in Scotland and further afield. Again, we aim to make use of small businesses in the production process and we are proud to start off with our own brand of preserves. The fruit that goes into these preserves is provided by farmers and allotment owners and if that isn’t supporting small business, then I don’t know what is.
Our range of suppliers and products is growing and we aim to continue to expand on what we have to offer.

Angie – Pack Leader

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