My Buzz

The idea behind is to provide professionally furnished offices, meeting rooms and boardroom hire for businesses and individuals who may require a business venue for only an hour, half a day or full day. In effect becoming an extension of their company.
We aim to make it easy for people by ensuring there are no extra costs when booking. So wi-fi, all refreshments including biscuits, reception staff and facilities, parking etc. are included. This helps give people the confidence that each time they book they get exactly the same high level of service from us, and all they have to do is turn up and get on with whatever they need to do.
Bookings are really varied so far - training, interviews, appraisals, meetings, conferences, drugs testing(!), brain storming, new business strategy, new employee inductions etc. etc. so our days are always interesting.

My Bio

Hour-Office is a concept developed by a couple who own a finance company. They felt holding short meetings in coffee shops and hotel foyers was not professional, and certainly not an image that instils confidence in a company.
So they started up Hour-Office....the clue is in the name(!), to provide a venue for people to book a professional venue for their business meetings etc. for short periods of time.

My Business Tips

Always listen to your client! A lot of our business comes from people wanting a professional office from office experience, and they return to us because we listen to exactly what their needs are.
And, always be flexible and go the extra mile. Business is not always structured and so doesn't always fit in a box.

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