My Buzz

Winning #SBS means the world to me! I have very much doubted myself but persevered anyway. This has given me a HUGE confidence boost and i'm beaming with pride. My social networks and website has been crazy busy with new fans and orders. I have also had some stockists contact us asking to stock my work after seeing it on Theo's twitter!

My Bio

Tessa Shearer studied Art & Design whilst at college in Skipton, Yorkshire. After the birth of her first child, Tessa returned to college to continue her professional development in Theatre Costume Design. A frustrated designer, Tessa left college before finalizing her qualification, keen to establish her own business. Tessa has developed an array of experience in fashion, jewelry and website design. In addition, Tessa creates pop art, comic book, illustration paintings and limited edition art prints. Tessa was also pre-selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in London.

Tessa’s passion for innovative craft and design, inspired from Japanese and vintage styles, is also inspired by her two young children, and has resulted in the launch in the spring 2012 of House of Wonderland. Her aim is to offer unique, colourful designs, whilst supporting independent companies, designers and suppliers, with most supplies from independent UK stores to provide a “proud to be British” product.

Tessa has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience and is extremely hard working resulting her being intimately familiar with all of her products. Tessa is determined for HW to be successful.

My Business Tips

The 3 P's! Planning, Patience & Persevere.

Planning. I work to a schedule to tackle all areas of my business so none get neglected. Make sure you focus isn't on one area otherwise you will be missing out on other important tasks.

Patience! It doesn't just happen over night. The biggest tree takes the longest to grow.

Persevere, you will get knocked back again and again... But keep trying and when you get there it's an overwhelming feeling (which makes it all worth while!)

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