My Buzz

I am so excited to be one of the most recent #SBS winners! Immediately my Twitter following increased dramatically, which included many previous #SBS winners. The win has opened many more doors for me and I am sure it will give me the opportunity to expand the HunniBunni Brand more rapidly and effectively.

My Bio

I am 22 and have a degree in Criminology and Applied Psychology. Rather than taking a gap year to recover from the intensive studying, I decided to set up a mobile spray tanning business as I have always been interested in beauty and a change is as good as a rest (whilst still earning a living)! I have been drawing fashion designs since I was 12 and I designed myself a personalised jute bag to carry my tanning accessories. I was soon inundated with orders from clients, family and friends! It was then I realised that I had fallen upon a potentially very profitable business designing high quality bespoke, personalised bags on eco friendly materials. I opened a business account on facebook and on twitter and the business immediately took off! I sent a promotial bag to the winners of the X Factor, Little Mix and one of the girls was photographed constantly using her HunniBunni Bag! This led to an online article in the Daily Mail, several other publications and a radio interview on Talk Radio Europe. Since then my HunniBunni business has been going from strength to strength.

My Business Tips

Social networking is vital for the growth of your business. By supporting other businesses they will in turn support and help you.

It is important to remain professional, personable and fair as you will gain respect from your fellow business supporters as well as your customers.

Utilise the help that is offered to you. The help and support from friends and family is priceless when starting a new business.

Know your competition and strive to be better!

My Latest Offers

Introductory offer of 10% discount on HunniBunni's stunning new jewellery line for 1 week only Sept 10th - 17th

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