My Buzz

This is Day #1 and so far so good, Twitter follows are up, orders coming in and the sun is shining.

My Bio

I create unique, fun and practical textile products to brighten your day. Started in 2009 after taking an FD in Creative Arts as a mature student. The original Cottage industry, I work from a converted stable studio in the lovely gentle South Derbyshire countryside. All items are handcrafted solely by me, using some unique techniques and the skills gleaned from a lifetime love of all traditional crafts. My range is extensive as I constantly explore ever changing markets and inspirations.

My Business Tips

There is no shame in starting low key at the kitchen table, if that's all you can afford, this gives you time to feel your way and see what works for you. Take advantage of any free advertising, social media and product placement. Be decent, honest and smile. If your product suits, use low costs online shops such as Etsy and Folksy before spending huge amounts on a website that 6 months on you may need to change. If there are elements of being a self employed sole trader you feel uncomfortable with, pay someone, you have to enjoy/be good at it it to make it work. Always ask for advice, however silly you think the question, someone out there has asked it before.

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