My Buzz

I won #SBS back in 2014 with my then business, Pinnell Productions. I re-entered 7 years later with my new venture (Now detailed on this page) and was selected on the 5th April 2021.

My thanks to the #SBS Crew for allowing me to re-enter and of course, to Theo, for picking me as one of his six.

My Bio

I'm a freelance UI designer. In a nutshell, I design anything you see digitally and interact with digitally, from websites, apps, digital platforms etc. User Interface (UI) designs of websites, apps etc. I design concepts that businesses can pass onto coders and help consult businesses on different aspects of their UI design, highlighting the good bits and the parts that could be improved.

Outside of this, I work for the NHS in Cardiac Rhythm Management and I'm a self-confessed lover of Apple tech.

My Business Tips

Take risks but also take stock and evaluate. I ran a business from 2008-2016 which also won an SBS award in 2014. But I had to put life matters first and close the business. During that time, I re-evaluated what I wanted to do both for regular income and where I wanted to go with my business.

7 years later, I'm back with another SBS win, doing creative work that I thoroughly love and enjoy, whilst at the moment, holding down a day job. It's a pleasure to help small business.

For me, re-entering #SBS was a risk. But I'm glad I've done it, it was worth taking stock and pausing.

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