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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Oh My!! Well, my Twitter timeline went absolutely crazy crazy mad, so many kind words from so many people! linking up with fellow #SBS winners and fellow industry experts, all thanks to that amazing, extra special RT.

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The idea for Ice Styling came about from the basic need to concentrate on a specific idea, something new, something innovative and totally amazing, to us, this was table centerpieces, but table centerpieces with a huge difference, in ice!
We specialise in Weddings, Corporate Functions and Events, Charity Galas and Private Parties, catering from an intimate venue for 5 tables up to 100 tables plus, often working to design requirements given to us by our clients, featuring all manor if items to be suspended inside our ice, from flowers, corporate logo's, products, gadgets, jewellery, shoes, sweets.... the list goes on and on!
So come and say hi and have a look through our gorgeous gallery, but hey, i am a little biased!

My Business Tips

AS cliche as it sounds, never give up, set yourself goals, but at the same time you need to make those goals realistic. Different businesses rely on different things, with us, it pictures, pictures sell our products, so take the very best pictures that you can to showcase you and your business, never ever be afraid to promote yourself, your business and your products, you never know who is looking at you.

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