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iDME is not just another piece of gear it is peace of mind for you and yours, allowing you to carry all ICE information close on hand.
If you have or care for children, are a fitness enthusiast heading out for your daily run, have a medical condition or like to travel the world, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to wear ID.

Child Sports/Medical I.D.
Let’s face it, children love to wander. Most parents have experienced that dreaded moment when their heart has sank and their world stopped, even for just a moment, when they could no longer see where their child had disappeared to. Ensuring your child is wearing an iDME wristband will help you to be reunited as quickly as possible by having emergency contact information on hand.

Sport & Road I.D.
Carrying your I.D. is as important as putting on your seat belt when getting into car, or strapping on bike helmet to go for a ride. You are never more vulnerable than when you are out on the road, be it as part of a group cycle or an early morning solo run, let iDME speak for you if you are unable to. If you participate in any kind of sport or road training then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to carry I.D. wear reflective safety gear, remembering to be seen, be safe. Our wristbands are the perfect road ID companion in case of emergency.

Medical I.D.
Allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, advanced arthritis and heart disease much more common today as we all continue to live longer. Carrying medical I.D. can inform medics as to the correct treatment to be administered and provide a record of people to call in an emergency which can be lifesaving action for the elderly and infirm.

Travel I.D.
We are all travelling a lot more these days, for work and for fun but can still fall short of knowing the local dialect. Carrying I.D. in case of an emergency is crucial to ensure that our information is on hand if needed.

Another few reasons you should choose iDME wristbands

Easily updateable
Easily Accessible
Promotes Safety Awareness
Peace of Mind
Fast, effective action can be taken in the event of an accident
Full customisation available incorporating company logo, colours, branding etc.

My Bio

As a mum of 3 young children I came up with the iDME wristband when my eldest was almost 3. Having lost him more than once due to his wandering ways, I knew there and then there had to be a quicker way for someone to contact me once he was found if he ever ran off again.

iDME wristbands can help save a life if you are involved in an accident or simply save the day by reuniting you with a loved one if lost, all by simply having your emergency contact information and medical details on hand.

Market research has proven the need for such a product to cater for sporting enthusiasts, individuals with medical issues, as well as young and old with special needs, autism and Alzheimer for example as these are areas which unfortunately continue to grow and affected individuals tend to have a high flight risk and can go missing very easily and very often may be nonverbal.

Honors & Awards

Ireland’s Talented 38 Technology Women 2014, Technology Voice, October 2014

‘Best Safety Product’ & ‘Best Travel Gadget’ Finalist, Maternity & Infant Awards, October 2014

US Business Development Award, Cork Foundation, Cork Innovates & Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, July 2014

‘Internet of Things’ Research Prize, Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology, June 2014

Cork Innovates Bursary Winner 2013, Cork Chamber of Commerce, November 2013

Best Business Opportunity, Rubicon Centre, CIT Campus, Cork, November 2013

Business Parent of the Year 2013, Maternity & Infant Awards, October 2013

Contributing Blogger for the website, Eurobaby, October 2013

Appeared on RTE’s Dragons Den, Shinawil Productions, March 2013

My Business Tips

Always remember why you started your business, it is this and your passion for what you do that will see you through the tough days starting out.
Customers will buy your product because of this why and how it makes them feel not just because of what it does.
In business, as my father always says you never know unless you ask ;-)

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