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We were all SO excited to win the #SBS Sunday 21st April 2013. It has been a great way to network with other businesses and new customers, and brings with it great kudos. It shows that we are a forward-thinking business

Thanks Theo,
Ali x

My Bio

Goodness, where to start!
how did Ali Clifford become a PR & Social Media Marketing Strategist?

Ali Clifford is a Creative Stylist, who in a previous life ran the Design Studio for a well-known British Department Store group, and went on to be Creative Director for one of the founding organic and fairtrade kidswear brands in the UK.

Now with her own business, Ali works with predominantly ethical SMEs, establishing and maintaining a strong, engaging online presence for them. In her spare time Ali loves getting crafty with her two young boys, upcycling old reclaimed furniture, baking (and eating) and experimenting with Instagram.
She also enjoys writing for and and

It's hard work, and this last year has been BUSY, however, we have never looked back!

My Business Tips

Put yourself in your customer's shoes.
Have an end goal - and work towards it as a team with your client.
Network, meet and talk to as many people as you can.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's the only way to learn!

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