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Indelible Bouquet offers flexible, cost-effective and highly convincing alternative to fresh flowers for clients wanting beautiful arrangements for their offices, events, private clubs, hotels or even homes

Our lifelike silk flowers are so realistic people will never guess they're not fresh.

• We’ll discuss what you like - you can choose colours and shapes or let us surprise you with a new look every time
• We’ll agree a budget up front and many clients save as much as 50% on what they currently spend on fresh flowers
• We usually change bouquets every month but you can choose to change them less frequently to reduce your costs
• We can create seasonal or themed displays for events or key times such as Weddings, Corporate Events, Christmas and homes.

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Silk Flowers

The perfect alternative to fresh flowers

Floral displays create a positive and lasting first impression, which is why so many people who care about their office, event or home environment choose them. But they can be expensive and difficult to keep in peak condition.
Luckily new materials, designs and techniques means there’s a superior alternative to what many think of as ‘artificial’ flowers or ‘fake’ florals. Today, luxury silk flowers provide the same beautiful and lifelike effect, but with low maintenance and longevity – and at a price to fit any budget.
Indelible Bouquet makes choosing silk an easy option. We provide a contract rental service, bringing a new display to your workplace on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis – with displays delivered to your location, and with aftercare covered in your contract. And in addition to rental and contract arrangement we also sell silk flowers to many customers.

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