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'We're really purrleased to have been chosen as #SBSWinners! Our Twitter crashed during the Monday evening - a good sign in our books! We hope to use this win to reach more indoor cat owners and continue to inspire people to create stimulating and enriched environments for their indoor cats.''

My Bio

We have an indoor cat called Hugo, he's a black Oriental cat and is always getting into mischief. We decided to keep Hugo as an indoor cat after seeing so many outdoor cats becoming injured or worse on the streets and roads.

Keeping Hugo as an indoor cat meant that we needed to research and learn how to best keep him occupied and happy. We wanted his life to be as enriched and stimulated as much as it would have been had he been given free access to the outdoors.

We began to research the latest interactive toys, tips on how to keep him occupied using feeding puzzles and learning how to encourage all of his natural behaviours in a safe and enriched environment .

In March 2016, we decided to share our knowledge with other indoor cat owners and was created.

We've met so many lovely people through the community that we've created and it's great to meet so many passionate indoor cat lovers sharing knowledge and experiences together to create safe and fun environments for our indoor cats.

Indoor Paws is continually adding resources to the website on a variety of topics to help you care for your indoor cat.

We also stock many products in our shop to benefit your indoor cat. We have a particular focus on gaining suppliers in the UK who are small businesses themselves, supporting local UK businesses as much as possible.

My Business Tips

We're still learning, and this is a tip in itself! Never think that you've learned everything about a topic, there is always room for more knowledge and we think it's so important for any business. Networking with other business owners is so valuable, too. Spread kindness and help people out. We value extra touches when dealing with our customers and readers. If we can do something extra that they weren't expecting from us, we will :)

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