My Buzz

#SBS has increased our twitter following and we have seen an increase in sales as well as being really exciting!

My Bio

A busy mum of three (all under 6!), a former community pharmacist and now director of Infasense Limited. I create sensible products for infants designed to make the lives of busy parents easier. My first product, launched in January 2014, is the Justafit adjustable Sleepsuit- a Sleepsuit with a mums touch. The adjustable wrists and ankles keep hands and feet where they are supposed to be, no more trips, slips or messy cuffs! Product number two ready very soon! WTS!

My Business Tips

Prioritise! Juggling family life and business can be hard but can also be very enjoyable and rewarding. I have become very good at prioritising and at the same time living by the motto, don't do tomorrow what you can do today! Put the hours in and stick to budget, a business is what you make it.

My Latest Offers

To celebrate our #SBS win we are offering a massive 40% off Justafit adjustable Sleepsuits CODE: Justafit40 :)

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