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Have you ever wondered why you keep getting offered job interviews only never to be offered the job? Have you ever been bombarded in an interview by questions that you hadn’t prepared for? Or do you suffer from overpowering anxiety even at the thought of an interview? A mock interview is the answer to all of your problems.

Alternatively, are you in a current job role and need some advice? Have you come to a crossroads and are wondering how to switch into a different industry? Or, are you wondering how to break into a certain industry and need guidance? A career mentor could be just what you need.

We offer online face-to-face mock interviews and mentoring with industry experts.

Interview Wizard is unique in the fact that we have a vast database of comprehensively vetted experts from varying industries and job roles. When preparing for an upcoming job interview, it serves you well to prepare alongside someone who has worked and hired in your target industry for decades.

So, whether you are a school leaver, a current student, a graduate or an experienced professional, invest in your future and make your career soar with Interview Wizard!

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Interview Wizard was started by two friends who met whilst studying at university in the UK. Upon graduating in 2009, they struggled to find employment due to one of the worst global economic downturns in history.

Armed with freshly edited CVs, they began to apply for graduate positions. They were both curious as to why their peers were beating them at the interview stage of the job application process. It took well over one hundred job applications each, and numerous interviews, before both found employment.

The idea behind Interview Wizard came whilst discussing the extremely testing times after graduation and how poorly they felt they had interviewed. Now, having travelled the globe working for numerous companies, they have hired many candidates for their own teams over the years. They see so many candidates with the same problems when going through the interview process.

We strive to provide a unique, value for money service. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we love nothing more than to hear back from our candidates and discover that they have successfully found employment or been accepted onto their internship or course of choice.

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