My Buzz

My main motto that I try to work to is 'More is More'. I love the fact that i can make my passion my business and have been stitching for as long as I can remember. I really chuffed to have bee selected and am already loving being a part of the #SBS community! I'm at a point in my business where I'm moving into lots of new areas and it's really exciting so this has given me an extra boost to get out there and kick on with it!

My Bio

Originating from hand stitched handbags made in Manchester whilst studying for a degree in Embroidery, the focus has always been on hand made with a conscious effort to limit machine work. Finding my feet as a craft & embroidery specialist has been one heck of a journey but I bloody love it. I’m not a machine hater – I just have a real love for creating pieces of work with my hands and the connection that I then have with it.

Playful stitched pieces add a touch of quirk to your favourite spaces with a pleasing juxtaposition of the traditional skill of hand embroidery mixed up with modern designs and explosions of colour and sparkle. I’ve forever had a love for all things kitsch and twinkly, something I think I inherited from my nan.

With the eye of a magpie and a desire to experiment with bringing other traditional crafts back up to date, you’ll also find my love of crochet and all things pompom shining through my collections. I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing that cannot be improved with a bit of added ‘craft’

My Business Tips

People buy from people. I'm not the only person out there doing what I do but I'm the only one doing it my way. Don't try and squash yourself into shapes made by other people - carve out your own and love what you do.

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