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At It's Our Planet Too, our mission is to inspire children to love and care for our environment. We want to empower them to become little eco heroes who seek to make a positive change for a greener future.

My Bio

Founded by Kate, mum of two in recognition that our children today are growing up in a world facing very real challenges and knowing that we need them to become eco-heroes who are empowered to make a difference. It’s Our Planet Too is about inspiring them to care.

Our website launched in 2019 as a resource for children to learn about our planet, the effects that humans are having on it and to discover why some animals are struggling for survival.

As a social venture, we are committed to giving back. Be it gently educating our littles ones (and their families) to make a positive change for a greener future, or supporting a charity that is very close to our hearts.

We pledge to give a minimum of 50% of our profits to good causes.

My Business Tips

Find your purpose... it feels good to do good!

My Latest Offers

We have recently launched a new eco-subscription box for children - a Tool Kit For Eco Heroes - designed to connect children with our precious planet and also help empower parents to start conversations with their children about the environment.

The tool kits are 100% sustainable and plastic free and provide a fun and exciting eco-led gift that educates and gives back.