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We create beautiful unique gift and care packages for a huge range of occasions. Our aim is to bring a smile to the faces of the ones you love. A non-traditional gift that will really bring joy. Gift someone who is feeling a little down or needs cheering up, reminding them that you think they are AWESOME, even if they don’t feel it. From a ‘thank you’ to a ‘well done’, show that you are thinking about a friend or loved one – even if you live far away from them

My Bio

Hi - I'm Kate.

I had often sent care packages to friends and family when they were poorly, or moving house. But when my dear dad passed away, and I became the recipient of a home-made care package, I really understood how much it means to receive such a well thought out and loving gift. I decided to actually do something about turning the idea into a business, and the response has been overwhelming! We love what we do, and hopefully you can see this reflected in our care packages

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