My Buzz

We are a family-run IT company based in Lancashire and Manchester, offering top-notch IT support, Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions, Telecommunications, Website Design, Consultation and Digital Marketing Services to our customers.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we're recognised locally for our expert understanding of the IT Landscape and keen eye on emerging trends.

Aside from being partnered with some of the best cyber security providers such as Heimdal and Hornet Security, we provide industry leading cyber security training to staff using innovative methods such as simulated phishing attacks and comprehensive training campaigns.

For business needing to improve their IT systems, we can review your present technology, provide recommendations, and fully implement the latest tech solutions.

We're a one-stop-shop for all things IT, so if you're looking for any computer services, need some advice on where to start or just want to reach out and say hello, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you.

My Bio

After working for other companies in the IT Support industry and seeing profit margins prioritised over actual customer support, we started J700 Group in 2015 to provide a different kind of service.

For the past seven years and through the lockdown, we have supported a wide range of local businesses, from leading facilities management partner DES Group to heating and plumbing experts Ace Mechanical Services and have grown to become recognised as a people-first business providing great value and a highly responsive service.

Lancashire is a great place to be for a community focused enterprise like ours. We've been told by our clients that they enjoy the more personal service that comes from working with a smaller, family-run business like their own.

You'll often see some of our stories published in local news journals such as Lancashire Business View and Lancashare. We became a winner of the SBS competition in May 2022 and are looking forward to building professional relationships with other businesses in the amazing SBS community.

My Business Tips
  • Don't be slack with your cyber security - make sure your systems are adequately protected and up to date. Phishing attacks and other cyber threats target businesses and individuals of all sizes - not just the big fish.
  • If you handle customer data, shout about the protection measures you've had put into place. Prospective clients and customers will be more confident in working with businesses they feel take data protection seriously.
  • If your business relies on IT for its day to day operations, one of the most hazardous things for your reputation is that IT failing and you being unable to provide your services to your customers. Make sure you have IT support and cyber security measures in place to ensure your IT runs smoothly and so you know where to turn for a fast resolution if it fails.
  • When in doubt, try turning it off and on again.