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Its so great to be a part of the SBS , it was amazing to be picked and though life has been a bit busy lately I'm now finally getting around to investigating it a bit more! Its a wonderful way to network with others and certainly helped raise my profile. Social Media is so important in our present world so you just have to use it to progress.

Its great that a big name in the business world like Theo has thought about us all, trying to get small businesses off the ground is really not easy so having an association to him will help us all. Thanks Theo!

My Bio

I lives in the beautiful and very popular surfing village of Polzeath, North Cornwall. With a love of creativity I moved from a career in nursing and am now established as a quality jewellery designer in North Cornwall. I'm a member of the National Association of Jewellers and the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

I takes inspiration from the natural world with my work influenced by forms, colours, shapes and textures of the coast and the beaches around me.

“ Cornwall is a breath of fresh air; firing up my imagination as I stroll the cliff tops, wander along sandy beaches, look out to sea and smile as the sun sets!”
Jules attention to detail and emphasis on the unique has given her a reputation for quality, her jewellery being worn as everyday jewellery or to a special occasion.

I use Eco-Silver, Eco-Gold, and 18ct Fairtrade Gold to create beautiful designs for the Eco Conscious. Items are HALLMARKED to British Standards at the Birmingham Assay Office.

My Business Tips

~Be as Eco as possible!

Living in North Cornwall is so beautiful and it gives me such inspiration! My recycled jewellery evolves as I’m influenced by the forms, shapes, moods, textures and colours that I see around me here.

With so much emphasis now on reducing plastic, being environmentally friendly and being ‘green’ I am trying to do my bit too, hence my little business focuses on an Eco and Ethical theme. I aim to make lovely jewellery yet am mindful of not depleting the word’s resources or causing any workers to suffer when mining metal or stones.

~Use Recycled Eco-Silver

Most of my jewellery, approx 85%, is made using Eco-Silver and Eco-Gold. I try to use this as much as possible though occasionally the type of silver I need is only formed in non recycled Sterling Silver. I do clearly state what type of Silver the item is made from. Eco-Silver is made from 100% recycled silver products that range from medical equipment, scrap jewellery and even scrap medical equipment. The Eco-Silver that I buy comes with a certificate of authenticity. It looks and works just like traditional sterling silver, can be Hallmarked just like Sterling Silver but allows me to create quality jewellery that is environmentally friendly.

~Use Recycled Products!

I use Recycled Glass Beads handmade in Ghana. They are gorgeous and will look wonderful with Silver! Nothing gets wasted in Africa and these beads made from recycled bottle glass are the perfect example. Made by Oklah Tetteh, they have a wonderful, semi-translucent appearance. The company I buy from have a Fair Trade Ethos buying beads directly from the makers, who generally work at home in their family compounds. They pay a fair price that is usually higher than what local buyers pay.

~Use Recycled Packaging
My gift boxes are made from 99% recycled boxboard with the non-tarnishing white eco-fibre filler being 100% recycled. The logo printed on my boxes is in a stunning aqua green which complements the Kraft brown boxes wonderfully and fits so well with my coastal jewellery business. I send out your order in padded envelopes and always try to reuse envelopes sent to me. Every little helps!

~Do your bit to help at home

At home I use a renewable energy supplier for my workshop which although is a bit more expensive it has to be the way forward for our planet. I always do my best to recycle at home and have hopefully instilled it into my children too! And finally, I am on the Recycling Team and attend Glastonbury Festival whenever it is on spending my time picking up litter, and there’s so so much of it there!

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