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K9 Trail Time has a background in dog sports and with this we have selected the best quality equipment to allow you to enjoy various activities with your dog.

We believe strongly in a holistic approach - that dogs are happiest when both their body and mind is kept active and healthy.

We also endorse products which use positive reinforcement in training.

My Bio

I have been a lifelong dog owner and in 2009 took up the sports of canicross and bikejor as a way of keeping me and my rescue dogs fit and healthy. I currently have four dogs ranging from 18 months to 13 years old and have raced them all over the country in both National and International competitions.

In 2012 I set up K9 Trail Time, an online business retailing the specialist sports equipment to take part in the dog sports I love. I was inspired to start K9 Trail Time after I couldn’t easily find the advice or equipment for taking part in canicross, bikejoring and dog scootering, so decided to create a site where people could not only buy a range of equipment but get advice from someone who had experience of all the products and could therefore make recommendations that would be suitable for the individuality of each dog and owner.

I also takes a keen interest in canine anatomy and physiology and am a qualified canine hydrotherapist specialising in sports dogs which means that all the equipment sold by K9 Trail Time is appropriate for the pulling sports based on a functional approach and backed by knowledge of gait and research on normal canine movement.

My Business Tips

Keep your customer at the front of everything you do
Share your wins but also the things people can relate to, we all know everything doesn't always go to plan!
Allow your personality to show through your brand and social media

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