My Bio

Hello, my name is Katrin Snell owner of Katrin Snell Wildlife and Pet Portrait Artist.

I am a self taught Artist working mainly in Acrylic Paint and light fast acid free Coloured Pencil.
Growing up in South Yorkshire I have drawn and painted since I could hold a pencil. I have always had pets and have a love for Wildlife, as children we had dogs, cats, a rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish.
Walking in the Yorkshire countryside with our dogs was a part of our daily routine.
We relocated when I was 16 to West Somerset, I now live in West Somerset at the foot of the Quantock hills which we can see from our back garden and also close to Exmoor. I live with my husband our 3 young boys (the youngest two are twins) and our springer spaniel Alfie. We spend a lot of time outside exploring the surrounding countryside and spend our summers in North Devon. All these landscapes and their wildlife inspire me in my artwork.

I started drawing Wildlife in 2017 after realising that I was successful at drawing and painting pets, this is around the time that I also fell in love with coloured pencils.
I produced a few prints of my work which proved popular and sold out quickly.

As an outlet to sell my work I had a stall at a couple of fairs and after seeing how popular my prints were I started producing cards as well.
I made the decision to take a chance and leave my employment in January 2018 to work on my business full time as I was so busy I had to choose between one or the other, it was the perfect timing as my twins were starting school in September 2018 so it was now or never.
I now have my work in 9 local shops and a few pubs/restaurants, I have more fairs booked this year and I am very excited as where my business might be heading.
So far this year is turning out to be very exciting, winning SBS Small Business Sunday is amazing. I also have an interview/article in a local magazine booked later in the year.
I have a real passion for my art, always learning developing new techniques and finding new materials.

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself. Take small steps to build your business, one goal at a time, and make small goals as apposed to large ones.
Use any mistakes as learning opportunities and try to move on.
Do not compare yourself to other similar businesses, they are on a different path to you, do what is right for your and your business and follow your own path.

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