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Did you know?
It's estimated that over 100 million crackers are pulled at Christmas time in the UK alone. Just 12 million of these laid end to end could stretch from the UK to the North Pole!
Crackers by 'Keep This Cracker' are different... you can reuse them.

Designed by Bea Thackeray and Made in the UK.

My Bio

Hello, my name is Bea Thackeray - packaging designer and inventor of the Reusable Gift Box Cracker...

I gave myself the challenge to design a reusable alternative to the disposable party cracker and launched my first designs in 2013.
An eco-friendly option, 'Keep This Cracker' snaps like a standard cracker but opens without tearing. Easy to re-use, just replace the broken snap with a new one. They come flat-packed and ready-made, to pop into shape and fill with your own gifts.

The collection includes; a Festive range, Wedding Favour Crackers and Bespoke Crackers for corporate gifts and speciality packaging.
I'm passionate about 'UK-made', and source component parts and packaging from UK based manufacturers.

I'm really proud to be invited to join the #SBS community. Thank you everyone for your support.

My Business Tips

There's no greater buzz than when someone chooses to spend their hard earned cash on something you've created. Don't give up, if you believe in what you're doing and others do too.

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