My Buzz

I am a poet and a full time carer of my autistic son. I created Educational rhyming card packs to help children and adults who struggle to process and retain information. The rhyming pattern helps you to remember facts easier than when reading reams of information on a page. You will leave the pack of cards remembering facts that will stay with you for a lifetime.

My Bio

I am a mother, wife, and a poet. I suffered with post natal depression for 5 years before finding poetry. Writing has helped me overcome my mental health struggles and find a way through dark times. I now write to help other people, to encourage, to give inspiration and to motivate.

As well as writing positive poetry, I also create educational poems and illustrate them too. I have a BSc (Hons) Environmental Science degree, and spent many years studying and working with wildlife. Whilst at university I realised that I remembered things better when written in rhyme and decided to use this method to create educational card packs. Rhyme works well for those who struggle to process reams of information. The rhythm of the rhyme makes it easier to remember the facts that you are reading.

I aim to get my card packs into shops, tourist attractions, and schools around the world. To be the go to place for educational card packs.

My Business Tips

* To be consistent every day
* To surround yourself with people that believe in you and your idea
* To say no to things that won’t help your business move forward
* To remember that there are many highs and lows in business. Those that find success are those that don’t quit.
* To be brave, take chances, and step way out of your comfort zone.
* Lastly, to avoid burn out, take breaks. Spend time every week away from work.

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