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#SBS has been brilliant for Kidz Outdoors giving us exposure, credibility and access to a fantastic group of like minded people. In short SBS Rocks!!

My Bio

Im a Business Mum based in Tring Hertfordshire. Previously Head of the Customer Services Team at a major blue chip company, Kidz Outdoors came about after my son was born. Like many I'm sure! I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my son during his early years, but needed to keep both my mind and finances active! Kidz Outdoors is inspired by our own children and what hey love doing. We focus on things that basically pull them away from the computer/games console/sofa! and encourage exploring the environment. From exploring the skies (telescopes) to underground (metal detectors) and everything in between to keep them interested in the Great Outdoors.

My Business Tips

Customer Service is King! As a small business you can offer a personal touch and can respond quickly. Problems do occur from time to time but if you handle them well you will build extra loyalty.

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Special #SBS Deals on Celestron Products - So for Astronomical Telescopes, Spotting Scopes or Binoculars drop us a line for your #SBS Quote

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