My Buzz

My passion is to sew. There is nothing greater that I love more, other than my family, than to create beautiful pieces for you and your loved ones. Our lives are built around special occasions, and I am proud to create keepsakes for you to treasure.

My Bio

My 1st job is mummy and wife to my 2 beautiful daughters and pretty dashing husband, my 2nd job is running KnittyKnotts around the 1st here in Lincoln. After the arrivals of my children I was fortunate to turn a passion of sewing into a job allowing me to be with my children in those precious 1st years.

My Business Tips

I truly believe in excellent customer service, its something which I strive upon. Every customer likes to feel valued, listen to them so you are able to understand their needs. Having a good relationship with customers is what makes them keep coming back.

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