My Buzz

We have so much going on at KUKShades for 2017 is difficult to know where to start.
We have launched an Ambassador programme for budding bloggers and vloggers with an interest in travel or fashion to help us spread the word about KUKShades.
We also have a very exciting collaboration with a local jewellery designer - look out for some bespoke pieces on the website soon.
All this is alongside editing collections from our suppliers, looking for the very best in beachwear to bring to our customers.

My Bio

KUKShades is an online retail store specializing in holiday and beach accessories. We buy from brands that are small businesses too and their products are carefully selected for quality, ethical production and will appeal to the traveller who likes to take things easy on holiday.

I started the business after giving up teaching, to look after my little boy who has learning difficulties. KUKShades meant that I could work from home and look after the family. I now have 3 children and work around their busy schedules!

Initially KUKShades just sold sunglasses and then, after visiting trade shows, I discovered beach bags and slowly built up the range. More recently we have started to sell Turkish towels and beachwear. The task of finding the right suppliers for new items is a part of the business I particularly enjoy. Having a strong relationship with suppliers means that we know the products we sell inside and out and customers value our knowledge.
Even though KUKShades is an online business I very much see it as a local business and like to support local events.
The future for KUKShades is exciting, the aim is to build the product line, discover a new designer and give them their break and to employ someone from the local community.

My Business Tips

Have a business plan - it doesn't have to be fancy, I use it to focus my decisions towards goals. This doesn't have to be set in stone, I update mine regularly.
Ask yourself "How can I do that better?"
Be patient, developing and growing can take time.
Have fun, network with other small businesses, connect and share resources.

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