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UPDATE AUGUST 2017: There are two new members of the Kuvrs team! We have teamed up with Sam & Stephanie Sparkes, who we have known for many years, who have joined Kuvrs as partners. They bring admin, social media & photography skills so keep an eye out for some changes. There will be new products and a definite improvement to our social media presence - some of the ideas we have been brewing will finally come to fruition!

UPDATE JUNE 2016: We have a new name - Kuvrs! We have diversified & now make covers for much more than just casts so we needed to re-focus & a re-brand was just what we needed. We have revitalised some previous business contacts and made some new ones due to extra social media work. There are now more hospitals handing out our flyers & many more to come on board. We feel that being a more active part of the #sbs "family" has definitely been beneficial and it's been a load of fun too!

UPDATE FEBRURY 2016: We've finally met Theo & collected our certificate at the #SBSevent 2016. What a great day we had - so much to learn from the other winners & the Q & A session. Home tired & excited with lots to work on!

It felt like a validation to be chosen for #SBS in the early days of our business - we realised we were in good company! The community is growing, is size and strength - as proved by the #SBSevent2015 and the number of new contacts we have made.

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I started in business by accident - my own broken wrist in a cast in Oct 2009 prompted interest from people in the street & on the bus etc. when I covered the cast with socks, tights etc. I put a lifetime's experience of sewing to good use and put the first cast covers on a website in January 2010 and within a couple of months had our first sale. I'm still getting regular orders from all around the world; I've learnt a lot, made quite a few mistakes and may make a modest profit this year. Still much to learn, still much to improve.....but still here ;-)

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Take all the advice you can get from business owners large and small - and ACT ON IT!

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