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My small biz, Lara King Draws was awarded the #SBS accolade on 9/9/18 by Theo Paphitis.

Hi! Thank you for giving me this platform to talk about myself, it’s my best skill woohoo! Hola! Mi nombre es Lara and I’m a total beginner at Spanish! I’m a British illustrator and small business owner behind LaraKingDraws. I graduated with BA (Hons) Digital Animation in 2014 and opened my first online shop in 2015 called Lalalam (I still co-own this with my friend).

I create made to order milestone gifts (and fun accessories) for all occasions.


My Bio

Find me on the socials: @LARAKINGDRAWS

Lara King Draws mission is to help restore faith in our humanity and bring a little light into the darkness. I want my platform to bring a smile to you. I create bespoke goods for all occasions and fun accessories for all!

My Business Tips

Hmm, take all advice (including mine) with a pinch of salt. Question everything, question my advice! I’m still learning myself, I don’t have all the answers.

• Every obstacle faced (and you will face plenty, sorry!) is an opportunity for you to grow. Not everyone has the same tenacity and drive, some will quit. You’ll soon be raising the stakes, new opportunities will present themselves and you’ll enjoy this forward momentum for your business. It isn’t luck, it’s your hard working paying off. Well done you!

• Stop and smell the roses! If you’re always grinding away without appreciating the lifestyle you’ve cultivated, that’s not living. I need to remind myself of this too! Watch your emotions, you need to look out for yourself too. Even when everything seems to fail over and over. Will you pick yourself up or admit defeat?

• Bonus tip – find your passion and allow money to be the by-product of this. How fulfilling could your life be with this mindset?

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