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Leo Charley & Me is a one woman, two dog business based in Staffordshire, that hand makes beautiful collars and accessories for dogs and owners who like to express their unique personality and style.

Our products are made from a wide range of fabrics so there are plenty of designs to choose from, some of which are limited edition. There really is something to help every dog stand out from the pack. There are matching products for owners so, if the mood takes you, it is easy to twin with your dog.

We support several dog rescue organisations by donating products for raffles, auctions and fund raising events but our heart belongs to Spaniel Aid UK as they took in Charley when she was 14 months old and found her a loving home her with us. We send them 15% from every sale made as a thank you for saving our gorgeous girl, Charley.

My Bio

Kim O’Donnell is an experienced nurse who completely changed career after adding Leo, a Labrador and Charley, a rescue Spaniel to the family. She wanted stylish collars for the dogs but couldn’t find anything she liked on the high street.

After a life time of making all sorts of things for her children she set about making collars for the dogs. The project came at a time when Kim was struggling with arthritis and a heart condition so it proved a welcome diversion and allowed her time at home with the dogs in a low stress environment.

Gradually the business grew and she now produces a range of products for dogs and owners that are available via her website. During the pandemic she has responded to customer requests and now makes a range of face masks too!
Her days are happily spent in the sewing studio, usually with the dogs at her feet planning her day around their walks.

My Business Tips

I haven’t been in business for long but these are things that helped me.

1. If there is something you don’t know, find an expert and learn from them.
2. You can do your own PR so don’t be afraid to showcase your business and
sing about your successes.
3. Working from home can feel a bit lonely sometimes so find online groups
that are relevant to your business and network with others in the same
situation and soon you will have friends and supporters.
4. Make sure you take a break. It is so easy to work on and on and on to finish a
project when you are the only person in your business. It’s really important
to go for a walk, get a coffee or talk to your friends. Who will run your
business if you become exhausted!

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