My Buzz

As the CEO of LGK in the community myself and my extended team and family all share the same ethos. This being that everyone can help others; and try and be as selfless as you can in the process. The charity was formed in memory of my late father Lakis Panayiotou you dedicated his life to making people happy through food. Although food is a core tool and a universal language to all we try as a charity to use my fathers foundations to create some good in the world a bean at a time as the Greek saying goes. Although being established through strong Greek Cypriot foundations our doors are open for all using our traditional Mediterranean hospitality to warm the hearts of the people we engage with.

My Bio

LGK in the community as we are known is a charitable organisation that uses food as a vehicle to assist the needy. Established in 2014 from a pop up traditional Greek taverna we have since then grown to be a recognised 3rd sector organisation that runs a series of projects and fundraisers to assist people suffering from serious chronic and life threatening conditions. We work with young people and the community at large to address well being, health inequalities, food poverty and social cohesion. We also explore record, preserve and share the individual and collective heritage of groups and individuals.

My Business Tips

Stay focused and stay active, nothing is unachievable as long as there is a plan and it aligns to the organisations strategy.
Always be careful you don't mission drift so stay on track
If you genuinely want to make to a difference to peoples lives then make sure this is your key focus.
There is always people that need help and support try and tackle them one at a time so you make a difference to their lives instead of spreading your outreach too thin.

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