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Lightbox; A clever team of marketing, pr, digital and creative folk crafting marketing strategies & intelligent website design.

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Lightbox are an innovative Digital Marketing Agency that fuse strategic thinking with effective delivery to revitalise your digital strategy. Working with our full service and in-house team, you can trust that your project will be delivered perfectly to your original brief.

We inject your brand, personality and unique selling points into your marketing material to create you a powerful digital presence. Our approach puts your customers and their experience of your brand at the heart of the project.

My Business Tips

Tip 1 - Hire a digital agency to design and develop your new website

It sounds simple, but hiring a good digital agency will save you time and money in the long run and will provide a significant return on investment. Do your research and choose an agency with a strong track record of websites they’ve built that are optimised for mobiles and tablets. And do they look good more importantly?

Tip 2 – Put your customers at the forefront of your web design

Always put the end user experience at the forefront of what you are doing. Create a strong visual, media rich and engaging layout to keep your visitors interested and more importantly a reason to return.

Tip 3 - Create a responsive website.

Websites have to have a fluid, engaging yet simple layout to adapt and change to different browsing devices. Keep the content and images simple and stylish and not too complicated.

Tip 4 - Design with mobile in mind from the outset.

Most users browse on their phones and tablets these day, and currently desktop browsing so designing websites for desktop and trying to make them work for mobile is a weak approach. Always check websites on your phone first hand before going live. Not to mention Google has just announced 'mobile' friendliness will be key in their ranking decisions.

Tip 5 - Keep the website code lean and clean.

Responsive websites are complex. Well-structured code is an absolute necessity. Ask your digital agency about their web development coding and request your site’s code to be lean and tidy.

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