My Buzz

I had been trying to get Theo to notice my business on #SBS for 4 or 5 years, so when my Twitter feed started to go nuts on the day I won it was so exciting! My followers have increased and website traffic has increased.

My Bio

Lilguy Stationery was founded in 2010 designing beautiful bespoke wedding stationery. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection I create gorgeous stationery that really creates the WOW factor for guests. A few years later I started to learn how to make silver jewellery, and now work with sterling silver sheet and wire as well as precious metal clay which produces fine silver once fired. In August/September I rebranded to Lilguy Designs and relaunched my website.

My grandfather was an artist, working mainly in oils, regrettably I did not inherit his ability to draw and paint. However I love being creative in other ways. I have a dedicated office/workshop at home where I have a large stock of beautiful high quality paper and cardstock, ribbons and embellishments. I also have a large area for silversmithing and a separate area for working with polymer clay.
For the stationery side of the business I have a monster printer which means that I can print 99% of all orders myself without having to rely on an outside company. This means therefore that my turnaround times are very fast. I have worked on some very different projects that my printer hasn’t been capable of and I have various companies that I have worked with who I trust and have provided fast and accurate work for me.

My Business Tips

I always am looking to learn something new, be it a new/better technique or process or new information to help my business. Sometimes change is necessary to move forward. And perseverance!

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