My Buzz

Lily Oliver Decor is a small family business.

We are sisters both living in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside and we share a passion for all things home related.

We started our venture with our own handmade home fragrance items Which include wax melts, candles, diffusers as well as some handpicked home accessories.

we strive to keep our products as sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly as we can and choose vegan and cruelty free products where possible.

Since we started in September 2020 we have been adding to our store by choosing only the products we love. We hope that you will continue to love our growing range too.

We are so proud that even though we are a tiny drop in a huge ocean - we can support ecologi by planting our very own forest as well as donating profits from our charity candle to unicef .

We are a mighty team of two talented sisters .

My Bio

Hi I am Samantha and I am one half of Lily Oliver decor.

I have a background in luxury retail having worked for companies such as Lancome and Chanel in central London for many years. Some of my passions include design, home decor and photography. I have a B.A. in photography from the International Design Institute.

Hi. I am Victoria and I am the other half of Lily Oliver Decor. I am a busy working mum, of two beautiful children and I have a passion for all things craft! from crochet and flower arranging, Baking to card making and of course candle making! I love all things home and beauty related- with a keen eye for detail. I have a BA in Business Management from the University of Cumbria


We are both incredibly passionate about sustainability and the future of small businesses- especially our own- so with this in mind we stick to our ethos - that nothing should ever cost the earth - and that wanting nice things for your home should remain a positive experience and pleasurable one where ‘we ‘ the business owners ensure that we are a driving force towards a more sustainable and eco conscious world