My Buzz

Was so excited when at 8.00pm on Monday my smartphone was bleeping away and I realized that I had been selected by Theo. Have had lots and lots of re-tweats, congratulations and followers already, looking forward to doing plenty of business with many new friends, watch this space.

My Bio

All my life in cranes, hoists and general lifting equipment. Specialize in helping customers to solve lifting and handling problems often by designing and providing custom made equipment to suit particular applications. If it can be done then I will do it, if it can't then I will still do it. Active throughout the UK and now looking at export markets. Also happy to work with agents or distributors in associated trades or professions.

My Business Tips

Always listen to the experts but do what YOU think is best for YOUR business (even the Dragons get it wrong occasionally). Try always to do things the proper way, it gets noticed. If you have to employ people only hire the very best. It's showtime ALL the time, no one likes a whinger, everyone loves a winner. People do business with people (not businesses) always be confident and likeable, always dress the part even when you don't expect to see anyone. And remember, there's ALWAYS a way.

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