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#SBS has been an amazing catalyst. Without doubt it has given my business extra credibility and a PR platform. This has in turn driven sales and plenty of new opportunities have come my way as a result. The support network and encouragement has been invaluable. I urge all small businesses to enter!

My Bio

Little Big Sports is a website selling sports equipment specifically for children.

The business was established by Katie in August 2010 as it was difficult to find the right sized sports equipment for her sports mad, then 4 year old son. The light bulb moment was when he was bought a cricket bat that he could hardly lift it, let alone hit a ball with. In fact when observing other children, many were playing with tennis balls that bounced over their heads or footballs that were too heavy to kick.

Since launch the business has gone from strength to strength. Now stocking children's sports equipment across a wide range of sports including cricket, tennis, golf, swimming, football to a name a few. Recently added products include Strider balance bikes, trampolines, tennis nets and snow boots.

My Business Tips

Initially keep investment to a minimum so you can ensure the business is big enough before you have blown thousands of pounds.

Put the customer first.

Work hard, stay focussed and believe in yourself!

My Latest Offers

Check out for sports equipment and clothing specifically for children. Use the code SBS1 for a 10% discount

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