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So fired up after my first #sbsevent, I am now looking forward to growing Little Pickles Markets into a national business in 2015

My Bio

A teenage parent at the age of 17, I could have been written off as another statistic but I was determined to do my parents proud. Missing out on futher education, I decided that I need to create my own success and that is what I am now working towards.
I started Little Little Pickles Markets in 2010, I wanted a new challenge in life that fitted around my 3 children and husband's job at the time, now 3 and half years later I have grown the business to cover 7 counties. I have also grown my family by adding 2 more children. Now I am a single mum to 5, I happily financially support my family whilst still having the flexibility to do the school runs, help at school events, be there if they are poorly and enjoy school holiday's with them.

Little Pickles markets were named after the pet name my late Grandad (a resourceful recycler) had given me and my siblings as children. This is very apt as even though we are helping parents save much need money, our markets also help perfectly good items find new homes and not ending up in landfill, so having a positive effect on our children's environment and future. We are still very family orientated with my Mum helping run the business and my very own 'Little Pickles' help with tasks like filling goody bags and helping print and count out promotional materials

We have big plans for 2015, covering many more counties and adding introducing Bigger Pickles Markets items for children 3 years +

My Business Tips

Be brave and follow your dream. Always remember why you started your own business when things are getting you down and this will make you realise you made the right choice!

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